The FraGe-Team

Developing and implementing ideas is our thing! With consolidated knowledge and longterm experience, we advance your procurement topics. Our network of personal and technical skills complements the portfolio as needed. Moving things forward together, works simply better. FraGe – MORE than just purchasing!

Jens-Uwe Frantz

Ensuring supply and further development of business is my main priority. In doing so, I attach importance to lean and agile processes. I know the value of striking a balance between aspiration and moderation .


  • Supplier Relationship Management

  • Quality management
  • Process management

Thomas Gellert

Holistic consideration and innovation are the keys to success for me. In doing so, I like to challenge traditional thought patterns. As a martial arts teacher, I am aware that precise timing and persistence yield advantages.


  • Category Management

  • Risk management
  • Project management